Sending out the love, before my stupid brother can.

Yes, Whatever.


Peekaboo. I see you!

Ruddy stalker.

Well then.






I’d like to thank Hawke for a rather, well. Muddy adventure through the Deep Roads. I hate the Deep Roads. Certainly, there’s cause for adventure, plenty of foul beasts to slay, plenty of opportunities to serve the Maker, but Andraste’s Heel, I am sick to death of mud.

Varric accuses me of being prissy.

Rest assured, my lovelies, I am at your service.


Sebastian Vael.

Please, pretty boy. You got the least of the mud, and Hawke was covered in darkspawn muck from head to toe. All YOU had to worry about was a fleck of mud or two on your pretty armour. Hrmph. It’s alright, though. If it -really- bothers you, I suggest a nice, hot bath.

She has a point there.  You had a few bits of mud, while the rest of us had waded through…  I don’t want to mention it, nevermind, forget I said anything.

You’re complaining because I had the sense to stay out of Excrement?

Sense?  I believe others may say it was more whining than sense.  It needed to be crossed.

I would have pushed him in, had I been invited. Stupid Grey Wardens.

im finnneee dont worry wanna have a sip of something sugartits Sincerely, lovenotesfromroxy

…I’m sorry, but. What? Sugarti… I assure you, there is no part of my anatomy made of sugar, nor do I possess those bits.

hey there pretty boy dear god youve got sum pretty cheekboned *bones Sincerely, lovenotesfromroxy

Thank you? I think? Are you. Are you quite alright? Do you need to sit down?

I promise I’m alive.



Just a bit battered. Hawke had a tangle with a wyvern, that cheeky lass.

Maker, that was a tangle, wasn’t it? Ripped my skirt and had the half of my ass everyone hasn’t seen out and on display. Tsk.

Am I The Only One Who Didn’t Catch This?



Varric and Hawke? Varian?

Wait, really?

Ugh. Really? Can’t I stroll through tumblr without my sister shagging someone?

Preferred Methods of Praying:



1) On Your Knees, Always.

2) With a profound amount of devotion. You wouldn’t half ass a gift to the maker, would you?

3) With love in your heart, and a need to fill your, ah, heart.

4) Use your tongue, love.

Well then.

Praying? Is that what it’s called again?




my dash is totally ridiculous right now 

Blackfishes, I…

call me morgan

pretty please

also… yes? 

Morgan? Morgan. Yes. Alright then. I. Like pandas. They’re cuddly. Do you like pandas?

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